Sino-German Symposium on RNA Biology:
From Big Data and Structure to Novel Mechanisms

November 4-8, 2017 | Shanghai, China

Audience Registration


1. 鉴于会场容量,会议接受前100位网上注册听众参会;网上注册从2017年10月13日中午12:00开始,额满为止。
 Due to the limited seats, the symposium can accept 100 audiences on a first-register-first-accepted basis. Online registration is open from 12:00 am of Oct. 13, 2017.

2. 被接受参会的听众将收到缴纳注册费的通知邮件。请于通知注明的期限内缴纳注册费。发票在会议现场领取。
 The accepted audience will receive a notification email for the payment of registration fee. Upon receiving the notification, please make the payment before the due date indicated in the notification. Invoice will be provided on the site of the symposium.

3. 会议注册费300元人民币(含入场资格,三顿午餐,会议资料)。付费后不能参会的,会议不退注册费。
 The registration fee is 300 RMB including admission to the symposium, lunch of three days, and materials of the symposium. No refund for cancellation.

4. 付款方式Payment Methods
 1) Internal settlement (For SIBS Audience)
 Please refer to the notification email for detailed procedure.
 2) Bank transfer (RMB Account; For Other Domestic Audience)
 For overseas audience, please contact

5. 会议收到注册费后,将通过邮件发送注册成功的确认信给听众,听众打印作为参会凭证。
 Upon receiving the registration fee, the symposium organizer will send a confirmation letter to the audience by email. Please present it when attending the symposium.

6. 如在付款通知注明的期限内未收到注册费,参会名额将由其他注册听众递补享有。
 If the symposium doesn’t receive the registration fee on the due date indicated in the payment notification, the attendance quota will be transferred to other registrant.

7. 会议欢迎听众提交墙报摘要(英文),请发至,提交截止期为10月23日24:00。会议将于10月26日前通知您是否入选墙报展示。入选者请自行制作墙报(尺寸:宽1米*高1.2米;语言:英文),11月4日至会场张贴。谢谢!
 Welcome to submit poster abstract! Please send the title and abstract (language: English) to by 24:00 of Oct. 23. We will inform you of acceptance or rejection by Oct. 26. For audience whose abstract has been accepted, please print your poster (size: 1 meter width*1.2 meter height ;language: English) and put it up in the meeting room on Nov. 4. Thanks!

Registration is closed!!!

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